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Our Mission

To create a more livable Berkshire County for people of all ages, with a focus on the needs of an aging population.

We are a coalition of activist residents, businesses, government and political leaders, non-profit organizations and community groups across Berkshire County with an ambitious Action Plan to create a more livable region that allows all residents to be healthy, active, safe and connected throughout their lifetimes, in their homes and communities.

Together, we have resolved to improve the experience of aging in our County by:

  • Implementing the Age Friendly Action Plan in our home communities and in our work
  • Aligning our Age-Friendly efforts, within our individual missions, to reinforce our collective impact
  • Communicating regularly with one another to share successes, learn from each other and ask for assistance
  • Measuring our success and progress toward our Regional Action Plan Goals on an ongoing basis

We will insure the sustainability of Age Friendly Berkshires by concentrating on continuously re-evaluating our existing environment, systems, policies and direct program services, to improve them – or innovate new methods to fill gaps in services, in response to the changing needs of our residents!

We invite you to join us!  413-442-1521 x16