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What We Heard

Staying connected with events, news and practical information is a key part of active aging. Technology can be tapped to spread information quickly, but also might inadvertently play a role in social exclusion.

Age-friendly communities recognize that not everyone has a smartphone or Internet access. Mass media is instrumental in communicating information to the wider community. Many older people still receive information through traditional print and broadcast media and through direct personal contact, such as word-of-mouth, and by telephone. Access to community information should be centralized and improved, to ensure that all residents are able to locate needed information.  Governments and organizations must ensure that information on policies and issues affecting the elderly can reach them in a timely, effective and accessible manner, through a variety of centralized and all-ability-friendly communication channels.

Affordable access to computers and other adaptive communication devices for people with differing abilities, both at home and in community facilities, can play an important role in strengthening communication and technological literacy in an age friendly community.  Computer and “smart” tech training, adapted to seniors’ needs and pace of learning should be promoted.


  • Maximize the dissemination of necessary and useful information to all Berkshire residents regardless of their location, age, economic status, technical expertise or physical limitation.
  • Develop an all-encompassing, ongoing program of information, resources and technical assistance to implement Age Friendly Berkshires Action Plan and to make residents aware of Age Friendly Berkshires.
  • Develop a county wide “senior voice” of, for and by the growing population of older adults and encourage them to be actively involved in their communities/region.
  • Develop or improve municipal-level communication models for municipalities of different sizes to communicate with all residents.
  • Hold annual Age Friendly Berkshires events, e.g. Legislative breakfast, AFB Progress awards celebration and others, to highlight/celebrate progress implementing the Action Plan
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation and course correction; communicate progress toward goals